The Greenorky medical branch was established in 2022 and is affiliated with the parent company in Vassat Turkey. It is concerned with products and the medical industry that facilitates and reduces the costs and effort of doctors or patients.

Medical Swab

The need for a device that helps in taking samples from the cervix without the intervention of people from outside and taking the swab from inside the uterus.

It is used on its own, meaning that there is no need for a doctor to intervene to take the sample that is requested in laboratory tests

The medical samples that are taken from the cervix are usually expensive, painful and stressful, as they infringe the modesty of the woman. The operation requires a specialist doctor in a sterile room, and after examining the vaginal area in the birthing position and on a special bed, and after sterilizing the entrance to the vagina, cleaning and drying it, then inserting a vaginal speculum, after that we use to extract the medical sample back on it with a piece of cotton or a brush.

This process is very painful when there are infections and infections in the area, and it is not without side effects
Therefore, the solution was with a small-sized self-use device that the patient performs the operation without the need for anyone and it can be done at home or in the laboratory bathroom, and there is no need for sterilization or the use of a vaginal speculum, and for the smallness of the device, it is painless and the patient hardly feels it,

Our new device performs the required purpose without the need for a specialist doctor to intervene, book an appointment and pay the high costs for that.

The device is also equipped with indications that confirm that the sample was taken successfully before it is delivered to the laboratory.

This device is made of high-quality medical plastic materials, and all parts do not cause allergies or lead to other complications. All parts are suitable for the human body and do not cause harm.
The manufacturing process was carried out according to the approved international medical specifications